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Consumers are increasingly demanding a consistent, cohesive and personalised user experience irrespective of the channel used to interact with a product or service. Service providers have long understood that providing a superior customer experience is the ticket to building a sustainable competitive advantage for themselves.

Delivering a superior experience involves engaging the user with a high degree of personalization, intuitive flows and consistency regardless of the channel used.

The ability to deliver this superior user experience, while a priority for most service providers has been held back and blocked by the high cost of development both in time and money as well as the complexity of working in channel silos and dealing with different vendors.

Wavenet’s Fusion solution is specially designed to enable service providers to cost effectively deliver a consistent and personalized user experience across channels. The solution’s modular building blocks are created once and can be deployed in multiple ways. All modules and components are built to deliver a personal experience to both customers and service provider employees. Deployment on all applications provides a consistent and personal user experience over IVR, USSD and SMS.

Wavenet’s Fusion solution helps service providers reduce costs, achieve consistency, and greatly improve the user experience.

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