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The Creed We Live By

We respect our customers, partners, colleagues and the different values and cultural beliefs they represent within a global community.

Our customers are the key enablers of our success. They bring life to our solutions. We believe that innovation is not a destination but a journey we take together with our customers. Our products need to constantly evolve to align with and exceed the demands of an ever changing global communication need.

Our people are these change agents. They are at the heart of every solution; an amalgamation of highly passionate individuals representing diverse disciplines and cultures working towards our common goals.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Wavenet strongly believes in engaging with and empowering the community. One of the most prominent CSR programmes implemented by Wavenet is the sponsorship and placement offered to undergraduate students at Wavenet. The placement programme instills the values of hard work, innovative thinking and team work in order to develop and mould the interns to be future leaders, movers and shakers of the ICT and Telco industry.

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