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About Transverse

By 2013 the number of global roamers will reach a staggering 638 million. This along with the increasing international call volumes brings along with it an almost unbridled potential for operators. Simultaneously, the unrelenting rise of VoIP services, and rapidly growing international by pass fraud, are placing ever increasing pressures on the traditional revenue streams. The Wavenet Transverse line of solutions mitigates these issues by enabling operators to extend across their own subscriber base and capitalize on the highly lucrative international calling and roaming revenue streams.

Local Roaming Solutions LRS

Local Roaming Solutions (LRS) enables operators to provide inbound roamers into their network with mobile internet services at local or near-local rates without them having to change their existing handset or SIM card. Subscribers can stay connected to the internet without losing their home number services (e.g. incoming and outgoing calls and SMS).

With smartphones rapidly inundating the global market, there is an almost insatiable consumer appetite for data services. Roaming offerings have been unable to keep up with the pace of this change and data roaming is currently prohibitively high for the vast majority of consumers. LRS equips operators with an ideal solution to advance their data roaming offering and capitalize on this ever increasing market need.

Benefits to Operators

Operators are given the unique opportunity to essentially make every traveler with a smartphone a potential subscriber. They can also generate additional voice and messaging roaming revenues while the subscriber is latched onto the network. Furthermore there will be an increased potential to attract roamers to convert into local subscribers. On top of all this operators can also increase the utilization of existing prepaid and local internet infrastructure.



International Bypass Firewall IBF

IBF offers a comprehensive bypass mitigation solution by blocking both on-net and off-net illegally terminated calls. It is a proven, tested, accurate and evolving solution that intelligently detects and blocks by pass calls. IBF’s advanced detection techniques enables detection rates of over 95%, and almost 99.9% accuracy on false positives.


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