Wavenet Announces Selection for 2021 ODA Component Accelerator Catalyst

Wavenet selected for 2021 Catalyst


[PRESS RELEASE, Friday 27th November 2020, Global Wavenet]

Wavenet is delighted to announce today, that it has been selected for the new 2021 ODA Component Accelerator Catalyst, with project champion CSPs and vendor partners.  

Global Wavenet earlier this year also announced being selected for TM Forum’s 2020 BOS Catalyst project which just concluded, and included global CSPs and vendors; Orange, Telenor, Vodafone, China Unicom, Globetom, Oracle Communications, SigScale, Tech Mahindra, and Whale Cloud, where Wavenet won a joint award for “Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation”. 

TM Forum defines The ODA Canvas as a software-defined blueprint for a Cloud-native operating environment, including release automation of configurations of components. The operating environment will support end-to-end testing and conformance of all components and/or component sets against approved standards.

 An exciting journey begins, as Wavenet prepares to add further value to the new Catalyst, through Wavenet’s technology capabilities such as containerization, Kubernetes, CICD, Open APIs, and much more. 

“The reason we joined this specific Accelerator project, was because we could see that the work we had already started in late 2019 on features such as advanced API discovery and multi-system friction-less integration was a great base for the project. These capabilities allow CSPs to create endless possibilities for deploying and executing services quickly into the market stated Wavenet’s VP Engineering, V Kajamugan. 

“Our innovation journey is simply a continuous one, and we thrive on adding value to our CSP customers through advanced technology that not only enhances CSP businesses, but also reduces time-to-market (TTM), offers innovative solutions to differentiate, and aid in transitioning entire telco ecosystems” mentioned Wavenet’s CEO, Suren Pinto. 

We are excited to join this next phase of this Catayst Accelerator project in 2021 and are honoured to be a part of a fantastic team that includes world-renowned CSPs and highly credible vendor partners.  



IN THE NEWS: Read the official TM Forum Press Release on its collaboration efforts to build a market for plug-and-play software here.


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