Advanced Analytics

Service providers are sitting on terabytes of data including usage transactions, network performance data, cell-site data device information and other information spread across network and back office systems, Despite this treasure trove of information on customer behavior, most operators do not have the real-time, end-to-end view of their subscribers that can help maximize their revenue potential from each subscriber (APRU). In order to exploit the full potential of this stored data service providers must have solutions that can help them correlate, process and decipher actionable information that will help the operators to profile subscribers to achieve timely and accurate insights.


Wavenet Advanced Analytics

Wavenet advanced analytics is a comprehensive big data software platform for Wavenet products and an array of 3rd party software to structurize aggregated data.The platform is enhanced with Apache open source software and machine learning frameworks which  runs on most UNIX-based operating systems.

Reporting and Logging

The advanced reporting module manages the data of Wavenet’s application stack and deliver the structured data in near real time intervals to populate product’s GUIs. Efficient management of data with industry best practices ensures the reliability, speed and versatility of reports and logs.

Business intelligence and analytics

The advanced reporting module opens up connectors to industry leading BI tools to drive maximum value for network operators. BI tools gives the flexibility to derive actionable insights of the data with little to no technical knowledge with “no-code” data queries and drag and drop interactive dashboards. Other features include:
  • Wide array of data connections – In addition to wavenet’s products, hundreds of 3rd party data sources, both live and in-memory, can be connected without any programming. Notable connectors include: Redshift, Cloudera Hadoop, SQL Server, Salesforce, Google Analytics & Google Sheets, MongoDB,PDF files, spatial files, Dropbox, Amazon Athena and more.
  • Live and in-memory data – Easily switch between extracted data and live connections, set up automatic extract refreshes and be notified when a data connection fails.
  • Mobile optimized designs – Dashboards that scale for desktops, phones and tablets.
  • Embedded dashboards – Embed into existing applications, such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Jive or inbuilt applications, for quick analytics
  • Drag-and-drop integration – Data can be integrated by the built-in drag and drop functionality with no programming
  • Multiple chart types - Flexibility to choose which chart types optimally reflects the data and reports.
  • Filter and drill down charts - Navigate down on a selected hierarchy of a data point

Machine learning and profiling

Machine learning capability can be implemented as an additional consultative service to drive more value for the business by understanding the market trends and customer behavior patterns which can facilitate Operators to predict events, reduce churn, prevent fraud and create new revenue streams. Wavenet's engineers will work with the operator to device algorithms to exploit the full potential of the data in multiple business cases.