Call Completion Suite

Voicemail Service

Wavenet’s Voicemail Service (VMS) helps Operators to maximise on chargeable voice time by offering a solution to subscribers to listen and respond to a recorded voice message when they are unavailable to answer incoming calls. Our VMS offers both traditional capabilities such as recording audio messages and contemporary features like Web subscriptions and email alerts. Wavenet’s VMS is an integral module of SPARK Platform which represents the evolution of traditional voicemail systems to the new, next generation communications platforms. VMS is a large capacity message management platform for voice messaging designed using Wavenet Fusion Studio. With it's outstanding architecture and flexibility, it incorporates the full range of multimedia, and multi-application power and compatibility. The service can be offered either as a stand alone solution or in tandem with MCA. The user can be enabled to access voicemails via multiple interaction channels.

  • Effective communication - dependable way of leaving a message to unavailable contacts. The VMS user can conveniently retrieve the voice messages when available.
  • An opportunity to monetise - Operators can capitalise the chargeable air time by offering a solution to a user to listen to a voice message and return a call. The service can be offered to different segments such as personal VMS users and business clients.




Visual Voicemail

Wavenet's Visual Voicemail(VVM) is a channel extension to the standard voicemail capabilities, presenting a visual interface in the form of a Mobile app.

  • Visual Voicemail capability is offered to the users via a Mobile App.
  • It enhances the usability of the VM system by creating easy access and controllability,
  • The VVM App is available for Android and IOS smartphones.


Additional Call Completion Solutions

Missed Call Alert

Missed Call Alert(MCA) is one of the many solutions offered by Wavenet as part of the Call Completion Suite, which helps subscribers to be informed of any call attempts that have been missed. The subscribers are informed by way of a SMS which includes the caller's number, time and date of call attempt and number of attempts.

MCA is activated when a subscriber is either out of network coverage, switched off the phone or battery is empty or when the called subscriber is busy on another call.

Wavenet MCA is a simple to use solution which garners high subscriber usage and assists them to return the call. This helps Operators to greatly capitalise on the chargeable air time. Wavenet MCA can be used in tandem with Wavenet VMA or it can be offered as a stand alone solution.

Missed Call Generator

Wavenet's Missed Call Generator(MCG) is a revolutionary call completion solution that facilitates subscribers with insufficient balance or service suspension to place a missed call to a B party. The call attempt is displayed as a missed call in the call log as opposed to a SMS notification. The immediacy in response is greater when the B party sees a missed call in their call log, which drives a higher call return rate.

What does it do for Operators?

  • Network resources can be optimised by using ports for generating missed calls that would otherwise have been idling
  • MCG is an innovative revenue assurance scheme that helps minimise potential revenue leaks such as lost call completion opportunity
  • Improved customer experience for both the caller and called party leading to better customer stickiness