Compose – Omnichannel Customer Enagagement

Multi Channel Service Orchestration

Compose is Wavenet’s most recent addition to the Digital Transformation Suite of solutions offered to telecommunications and mobile network operators (MNO). It is an omnichannel customer engagement Cloud platform that seamlessly bridges interaction between an MNO and its customers on multiple channels.

The Multi-Channel Challenge

A key challenge encountered by telco organizations today, especially in the strategic areas of customer engagement is to not only to ensure that the telco operator covers all customer interaction channel touch points, but also to consistently keep moving the Customer Experience monitor to the next level. Understanding subscriber intuitions that drive customer behaviour whilst addressing new problems that arise with the use of telco services, and proactively taking action during customer communication has become critical in achieving high-quality service levels.

Companies that struggle to effectively strike a balance between delivering products and solutions demanded by the market whilst ensuring these are readily available to customers, at speed, and delivered by using sophisticated backend tools that enable quick deployments, may result in operators seeing declining revenues, witness plateauing customer satisfaction levels and dwindling NPS scores.

The Solution – Compose

Wavenet Compose is an omnichannel customer engagement enablement software that allows telecommunications and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to effectively cater to customer needs and manage the deployment of their telco or mobile services in a dynamically explosive multi-channel customer interaction environment.

The sophisticated Cloud environment inside Compose enables operators to instantly design and execute agent services across both legacy and digital channels and the Campaign Manager feature allows for a truly integrated and consistent experience of the operator services for subscribers.

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