consolidation and optimization

Superior service experience is key for Telco Service Providers : as subscribers and usage grow, Telcos need to scale their services. This will help subscribers to count on Telcos when it matters most!
Many separate applications and interconnections need to be managed by Telcos to deliver superior and consistent service experiences 24/7
Does your infrastructure look like this?
Service applications remain siloes with complex interconnections
Licenses locked to specific services
Poor resource management
Multiple logins to manage the systems
More staff required to manage the different systems
Higher CapEx and OpEx
The Solution : Unified VAS

Bringing together key messaging and media service applications into a unified and synergistic platform

Consolidated platform built on open standards allows simplified integrations to existing and new network elements
A common license that can be dynamically applied to any of the services in use.
Optimised utilisation and management of resources
Single GUI to manage all services for more efficient management and monitoring of overall system
Greater savings afforded by lowered expenditure
End to end data capture for richer and insightful reports for better decision making
Wavenet Unified VAS : What makes us unique