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How do brands engage with their customers?

The way in which brands engage with their customers have seen drastic changes over the last few years, ranging from the use of social media to producing innovative advertising campaigns. Below the Line (BTL) advertising, where promotions are carried out in the digital space to a specific target market, has become the go to marketing activity utilised by brands for consumer engagement. A classic example of BTL advertising is the use of social media such as twitter, instagram and facebook, to spread promotions and utilise feedback based on interactions, to inform future brand campaigns and product development decisions. As such, Mobile Network Operators (MNO)s face stiff competition in the BTL space and need to employ an effective method to engage consumers and corporate customer users. The promotion method should offer mutual value and control to all stakeholders. Operators can take the smarter approach of utilizing a distinct advantage they already have at their disposal. They have access to back end systems such as CDRs, Reporting and detailed customer relationship management(CRM) systems which present lucrative opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell packages to subscribers. In contrast, brands need to spend a considerable amount of time and money to create, maintain and acquire an active user base, for pushing out promotions and campaigns.

Campaign Management Suite

Wavenet’s Campaign management suite is a campaign management solution that allows Operators to manage highly targeted campaigns, elicit and record responses, measure engagement and responses and evaluate reporting insights. It empowers Operators to compete strongly in the BTL(below the line) advertising space by leveraging existing customer data such as CRMs to segment appropriate target markets and send customized campaigns.

Content Subscription Platform

A comprehensive subscription management platform that allows Operators to manage subscriptions and curate content preferences. Instructions to subscribe and unsubscribe to content can be made by users via IVR, Web and SMS which can be updated and managed by Wavenet’s CSP. CSP facilitates Operators to disseminate the right content to the right people which helps to
  • comply with user privacy rights
  • extract higher ROI for both CP(content providers) and Operators due to greater consumer engagement