Corporate Social Responsibility

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Water Changes Everything

Water is a very important factor we don't realize the value of it since we have enough water but did you know how challenging it is for some people to get some water.There was this school in Imaduwa with 360 students and for them finding water was a daily challenge those students had to walk 2 km to bring water so Wavenet family joined hands to give them a well, Two sinks and a 2000L water tank in-order to provide a reliable and safe water source.
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Flood Relief

The destructive weather has left many Sri Lankans in pain and distress as they have lost their homes and in some cases, the lives of their loved ones. We came to know that dry rations, clothes and medicine are of most necessity while, monetary donations are also required to supply other facilities. To help the affected people Wavenet joined hands with Disaster Management Centre.
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Helping Hand for Meethotamulla Victims

The Collapsing of the Garbage Dump in the Meethotamulla area has caused a major distress among the people living in the area. In order to help the affected people Wavenet joined hands with Sri Lanka Army.