BAM – Business Architecture Modelling

The dynamic nature of the ICT industry across the world has led to newer business models enabled by emerging technologies. It’s imperative for CSPs to take advantage of these opportunities to quickly adapt to these changing market conditions and growing customer needs. CSPs therefore need to have smarter infrastructure in place, backed by agile and robust architectures.  The challenge is to bring together the different elements; the processes, products, people, technologies, and data, to deliver real value to customers and stay profitable. Companies that move into the Cloud environments will also be faced with critical questions on ‘when’ and ‘how’ these elements will be managed through an effective architecture that suits the business.

Over time, businesses will acquire different software, and those organizations that do not have a strategically thought-out architecture in place will have invested in mounting costs and resources to maintain sudden changes and new adaptations of technology that will ultimately affect company profitability and the ability to stay ahead of competition.

The Wavenet BAM Tool ©

Global Wavenet’s Business Architecture Modelling (BAM) tool assists CSPs and enterprise organizations to reduce the inherent complexities in transforming Enterprise Architectures by mapping the organization’s business processes, data models, applications and API’s to bridge the gap between business and technology to deliver value to all stakeholders including customers.

The Wavenet BAM tool, based on TMF Frameworx, supports the overall business strategy by facilitating the production of a “to-be” architecture, maintaining unified communication amongst all stakeholders and managing incremental change with robust governance. The Wavenet BAM tool exposes the hierarchical view of the current architecture, analyses the relationships between the elements to identify any missing processes, data, applications or APIs which can help produce the ideal Enterprise Architecture.

Business Architecture Modelling

BAM supports the overall business strategy and operational models to assist CSPs in adding new business processes, technology and systems and aligning these with processes as defined by TMForum.  The sophisticated tool provides an end-to-end view of a CSP’s BSS domain exposing critical information to internal business process teams and senior management for effective decision making in the digital transformation journey.

Benefits to Operators

Wavenet BAM tool allows telco operators and CSPs in the strategic management and implementation of efficient operations and in implementing process-driven technology for sharper operations and a strategic BSS focus through the following;

  • – Assists CSPs to strategically map the entire BSS domain
  • – Identifies related business process-data, model-application-API’s that can build operational efficiencies
  • – Connects subscriber user journeys and exposes information to better service customers
  • – CSP application/vendor mapping to the Frameworx enterprise architecture model
  • – Uses a standardized application for ease of implementation and is appropriate for the organization
  • – Simplifies business processes for effective operations
  • – Assist in decision-making during the CSP’s Digital Transformation journey


Value Addition to Subscribers

BAM assists CSPs to quickly identify customer needs at an early stage, and through strategic decisioning, drive customer engagement, interaction and ultimately higher profitability through heightened customer satisfaction. The BAM tool will benefit subscribers through the following:

  • – Provides the CSP opportunity  to offer simplified customer journeys
  • – Enhances the customer experience through timely interactions
  • – Identification of customer preferences, in order for CSPs to offer personalized services to customers


Why Wavenet?

The unique feature of Wavenet BAM tool includes the following;

  • – eTOM>SID>TAM>Open API mapping which enables CSP’s to cater to business needs such as scoping, gap analysis, plan, measure, review etc.
  • – The tool offers CSPs a holistic view of its architecture or the ‘as is’ mapping, along with a simple export information feature
  • – BAM tool provides CSPs and Operators a hierarchical view, using processor API or the application vendor
  • – Wavenet has over 16+ years’ experience in the global telecommunications industry working across four continents
  • – Wavenet technology solutions are award-winning with deployments in over 20+ countries


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