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The use of mobile phones has become ubiquitous in today’s world. With the growing dependency on mobile devices, the need for secure and reliable communication channels has become increasingly important. In this regard, SMS (Short Message Service) has become one of the most popular means of communication. However, as SMS usage grows, so do the […

Wavenet is excited to announce that, our very own next-generation Composable application “Compose” is now listed on the Azure Marketplace as a SaaS product for the discovery of our clientele around the globe. When the world is looking for digital transformation, we made it simple. Compose allows you to build smarte

With the emergence of the COVID pandemic, our lives have changed as we never thought before. Most of the people have  adapted to work from home and there are some travel restrictions implemented from time to time. Due to this reason, people are looking for a convenient solution for their shopping needs. As a result, […]

Product      Campaign Manager Release Version       3.0.0 New Features and Functionalities Dockerisation SupportWhitelistOperations DashboardCampaign End TimeRe-use CampaignsExclusion ListEmail NotificationReporting Key Highlights:   Re-use Campaigns Users will be enabled to reuse already executed/ completed campa