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Write a programme in your preferred programming language (C, C++, Java, Erlang, Elixir, PHP, Python) to implement the following logic:

Bob and Alice are 2 friends living in 2 parallel worlds. They are playing a game called “send my time and sleep”.  As soon as the game starts, Bob sends his current time to Alice. Alice listens for incoming messages from Bob and once she receives his message, she sleeps for 5 seconds. Then she repeats (print on the screen) Bob’s message and sends her current time to Bob.

In return, Bob listens for incoming messages from Alice and once he receives her message, he sleeps for 5 seconds. He then repeats the message and sends his current time back to Alice.

The game continues until either Bob or Alice sends the “stop” message. Alice has her own channel to send these messages and this channel has features to ensure bob receives messages in FIFO order. 

Only Alice sends messages in her channel and Bob only reads Alice’s channel. Same as Alice, Bob has his own channel and the same logic applies. 

All messages they send are in Json format. E.g


  "MessageId": "1", 

  "Sender": "Alice", 

  "receiver": "Bob", 

  "CurrentTime": "10:25 15/10/2021" 


MessageId is an integer. Bob generates the first integer and each recipient increments the received Id using the following Sequence. 

1st Id = 0 

2nd Id = 1 

3rd Id and after = the sum of previous 2 Ids 

To make sure that no one else can read these messages, both Alice and Bob encrypt their messages using a shared secret. 


  • Please pay special attention to highlighted words/sentences and apply the most suitable/advanced programming/language concepts.
  • Follow the competition’s rules below to ensure your submissions are not disqualified.
  • Upload the final code to your Google drive
  • Email the sharable link to your code document on your Google drive to  “commpetition@globalwavenet.comm”
  • Deadline for submissions: From 4 PM (IST) 8th December up until, on or before 12 NOON (IST) on 09th December 2021.


  1. Only one person can submit entry (per entry)
  2. Corrected code must be the authentic work of the applicant.  
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  10. Not applicable for Wavenet staff and immediate family members. 
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