Global Wavenet Selected for 2020 Catalyst Program with Top CSPs


[Thursday, 11th June 2020] Global Wavenet announced today that the company was selected to participate at TM Forum’s 2020 innovation proof of concept program initiative series, ‘The Catalyst’. Wavenet’s 17+ years international exposure, working with global CSPs across the world, together with its state–of–the–art technology solutions has enabled the company to understand, address and resolve real-life industry challenges faced by mobile and telecommunications organizations. Wavenet’s award-winning technology solutions, especially Wavenet’s strong API management and service orchestration capability was recognized by the Catalyst CSP team with the opportunity for collaboration.  

TM Forum is the industry-leading association that drives digital transformation and collaboration of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers. The forum has introduced the Catalyst initiative, which are rapid-fire, proof-of-concept projects bringing together companies to create, innovate and find solutions to familiar industry challenges using key TM Forum best practices and standards to ensure scalability, reuse and reduced costs and risk. Catalysts projects usually address business challenges relating to AI, data analytics, autonomous networks & the Edge, Cloud-native IT and agility, customer experience & trust, and beyond connectivity.

Wavenet will be taking part in the 2020 Catalyst project together with top CSPs such as Vodafone, Orange, Telenor, China Unicom and selected vendors, on the topic ‘Business Operating System (BOS) Catalyst project – an implementation of ODA Core Commerce Management’.  

CSPs need to have IT systems that are agile enough in addressing innovation to ensure success in the digital revolution and in facing competition. BOS brings a new perspective allowing CSPs to focus on innovation instead of cost-saving and integration issues. The Catalyst aims to develop a reference implementation of the ODA Core Commerce Management platform in open source. This will enable CSPs to manage and deliver multiple high-value products and services, improve time-to-market of services around 5G ecosystems, etc. This Catalyst project paves the way for the development of the targeted reference implementation and will illustrate the main functional and software architecture principles. “Catalogue management”, “welcome” and the beginning of “order capture” processes in simple use cases will be implemented and highlighted through a seamless user experience. 5G, B2C and B2B catalogs will be federated; front- and back-ends will be articulated through Open APIs (enabling a multi-channel approach).