New Year, New Frontiers

Introducing Wavenet’s Global Alliance Programme

We are propelling enterprises not only to retain their customer base but to ascend to new heights of revenue through optimised operations, streamlined processes, and superior digital experiences. Yet, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering belief in the power of partnerships.

Through our Global Alliance programme, we are building an ecosystem of collaboration, harnessing the transformative power of technology.

Partnership Categories and Opportunities

Together, we are forging a formidable alliance, pooling our expertise to harness the boundless power of technology. These partnerships underscore our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that our clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions and stay at the forefront of the digital evolution.

Partnership Opportunities
Partnership Opportunities

We have designed a comprehensive 360° Alliance Programme, strategically engaging with prominent global hyperscalers such as Microsoft and Huawei. Additionally, we have forged collaborations with leading OEMs like WSO2, Rancher, and Meta to augment the capabilities of our products and solutions.

We are facilitating resellers and strategic partners to create tailored commercial offerings using our products. Moreover, we are exploring distributorship opportunities where selected partners, upon invitation, to exclusively represent Wavenet and Mediwave in predefined markets. Our Alliance Programme also welcomes independent consultants to contribute by playing a referral role.

Sri Lanka’s First Huawei Cloud Software Certified Partner

Wavenet emerged as Sri Lanka’s First Huawei Cloud Service Certified Partner with selected products of the Wavenet Product Suite, achieving the Huawei Cloud Software validation, solidifying our commitment to cutting-edge solutions in the digital world. This collaboration further enhances our strategic partnership with Huawei in the world of telecommunication, digital healthcare, and banking.

Turning AI into Business Impact with Microsoft

Wavenet, along with its digital healthcare arm Mediwave, presented its cutting-edge application of AI in the telco and digital health sector to Microsoft’s Industry Cloud and Global Partner Ecosystem leadership teams in Singapore. We are ecstatic about what’s ahead!

Wavenet & Mediwave with Microsoft Singapore
Our teams with Madhan Ramakrishnan, Corporate VP of Microsoft and team
Our CEO Suren Pinto and team presenting the 5G Connected Ambulance Solution to Microsoft