Agreement signed between Wavenet CFO Anita Nishanthan, and NCINGA CEO Harindha Fernando

Wavenet and NCINGA Forge Strategic Alliance for New Market Ventures in Telco and HealthTech 

Wavenet, a leading provider of enterprise and SaaS solutions catalysing innovations at the intersection of artificial intelligence and digital transformation, partners with NCINGA, a global Systems Integrator. This collaboration aims to develop and deliver next-generation solutions, empowering businesses worldwide in telecommunications and healthcare. 

NCINGA offers cutting-edge platform offerings in data & AI, cybersecurity, multi-cloud, networking, enterprise applications, blockchain, with global managed-service operations. The strategic partnership between Wavenet and NCINGA will involve incorporating Wavenet’s leading-edge products and NCINGA’s proven managed-services, systems integration expertise and go-to-market reach in APAC and the GCC region to offer value-added solutions to telecom operators and healthcare providers.  

“We are really looking forward to working with NCINGA,” stated Wavenet, Assistant Vice President, Pulasthi Samaraweera. “Their deep understanding of multi-cloud technologies and established presence, particularly in the APAC and the GCC region, align perfectly with our vision of empowering businesses through digital transformation and leading-edge AI in key growth markets. By combining Wavenet’s two decades of expertise in powering global telcos with proven high-performance solutions, and NCINGA’s expertise in cloud-based deployments and managed services, together, we can offer exceptional value and unlock new opportunities for businesses on a global scale in emerging industries,” Samaraweera added. 

The Wavenet and NCINGA Teams

“Partnering with a recognised leader in AI solutions like Wavenet marks a significant advancement, especially for the telco and healthcare sectors in the rapidly growing APAC and GCC markets. Our established expertise in cloud-based deployments, managed services, and 4IR technologies seamlessly complements Wavenet’s offerings. This collaboration enables us to provide substantial competitive advantages for our clients. By integrating Wavenet’s innovative solutions, such as Sense AI, with our 4IR capabilities, we empower our clients to deliver transformative experiences and achieve operational excellence,” stated NCINGA, Chief Technology Officer, Chathura Pieris. 

The partnership aims to leverage Wavenet’s industry leading Network Value Added Services (VAS) solutions, immersive digital marketplaces, and the Sense AI Contact Centre suite, alongside NCINGA’s top-tier expertise & solution offerings in 4IR tech centred on 5G, AI/ML, computer vision, blockchain, Web 3.0, AR/VR/XR, and hybrid & multi-cloud to deliver exceptional value to operators. Additionally, NCINGA will work closely with Wavenet to introduce healthtech powered by Wavenet’s digital healthcare arm, Mediwave, in the GCC and APAC regions, as part of its focus. 

Wavenet’s focus is on assisting enterprises in optimising, monetising, and securing their digital businesses. By combining this focus with NCINGA’s complementing expertise, it offers a competitive advantage for rapid market entry and expansion. This strategic partnership between Wavenet and NCINGA marks a significant step forward in providing enterprises with the technology they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.