Wavenet Announces Joint Award Win for ‘Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation’

Wavenet closes the last quarter of 2020 on an ‘innovation’ high, announcing its joint-win award for ‘Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation’ at the 2020 Digital Transformation World Series event hosted by the TM Forum.

The award was one out of 7 projects selected from a total of 32 Catalyst innovations that spanned across 5G, AI, autonomous networks, customer experience, digital health, multi-access edge computing, green telco, smart cities and more.

Earlier this year, Wavenet announced that it will be joining the Catalyst program with champion CSPs Orange, Vodafone, China Unicom, Telenor and partners Oracle, Sigscale,  Globetom, and Whale Cloud. Wavenet contributed the Channel Orchestration of the ‘BOS: Implementation of the ODA Core Commerce Management’ Catalyst project .

To find out more about our work on the project or more information on any of Wavenet’s innovative Telco industry solutions contact us here.