Wavenet EMRS System Wins Best Community Empowerment Program at SLT 01 Digital Awards

Wavenet Solution Pvt Ltd, part of  the Wavenet Group (www.globalwavenet.com)  won an award for its healthtech solution, the Emergency Response Management System  (ERMS ) under the ‘Best Community empowerment program’ category at The SLT 01 Digital Awards held on 4th March 2020 at the Shangrila Hotel in Colombo. The event was hosted by Sri Lanka’s main fixedline telco operator, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT). A total of 232 winners  were selected out of 503 applicants including multiple competing countries in South East Asia. Wavenet Solutions received this award for its Emergency Response Management System (ERMS) software solution.

Unlike its sister company Global Wavenet, which is primarily focused on serving large blue-chip telco organisations,  Wavenet Solutions is focused on delivering highly customized software solutions in multiple industries. The launch of Wavenet’s ERMS, for which the SLT award was won, is the company’s latest innovation in the healthcare sector. This digital software solution aims to improve operational efficiencies for stakeholders in the emergency response management industry and more importantly, assist Governments and healthcare officials in improving emergency response systems to help save lives.

Wavenet’s ERMS platform ensures effective management of multiple fleets of ambulances/emergency vehicles, resourceful dispatching, integrations to emergency call centers/security and police services, hospital emergency systems, and contains smart intuitive dashboards for real-time data monitoring, reporting, and location tracking. The solution was initially deployed by Wavenet for Sri Lanka’s 1990 emergency ambulance service in 2019, which is operated by the Suwa Seriya Foundation – the Government organization that manages the dispatching of a fleet of 300 ambulances across the entire country.

The EDMS and mobile app together allows fast dispatching with accurate location info of the emergency caller; enabling the closest ambulance to reach the patient faster. The system reduces response times, especially critical to patients suffering from cardiac arrests and strokes and provides highly reliable and efficient ambulance servicing to citizens of a country.

The intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) reduces call center call handling times and improves call response rates. The system uses automated location tracking to identify the emergency caller location and integrates the ambulance and customer resource databases to inform the call center agent of important information at the time of the emergency call. This ensures quick dispatching of emergency units, efficiently, to the correct emergency location.

Wavenet Solutions CEO, Dilum Kumarasinghe stated, “ As a leading software engineering company that develops world-class industry-specific solutions, we are proud to highlight the significance and benefits that our EDM Systems bring to the healthcare industry and its stakeholders. The beauty of our software solutions is that our solutions are always built with our customer’s industry needs in mind. Wavenet’s solutions addresses core digital challenges faced by a business in terms of operational efficiencies and customer experience, with easy integrations that adds value to existing systems. For example, the Wavenet ERMS can be plugged into existing medical emergency systems without the need for additional investment.”

Wavenet Group’s Founder and CEO, Suren Pinto commented on this occasion “Delivering on digital technology solutions in the ICT industry has always been in our DNA for over 19 years, and I am delighted that through our advanced software engineering skills, we are able to bring in, efficiencies and add value to the healthcare industry and its medical ecosystem. Wavenet is always focused on bringing new innovation and technology that changes the way organisations and communities work”.

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