Empower Businesses with Integrated Customer Engagement for Advanced Media Solutions & Messaging Platforms

Discover Wavenet’s Spark suite, the preferred unified media platform by global telco operators offers businesses a consolidated media solution delivery platform and a messaging platform with advanced Interactive voice response (IVR). A scalable and high-performance solution to drive return on investment with many value-added benefits. 

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For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.

The Preferred Unified Media Platform by Global Telco Operators 

Spark enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and mobile operators to offer superior customer experiences when delivering Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Ring Back Tone (RBT), Voice Mail Service (VMS), Missed Call Alerts (MCA), Missed Call Generator (MCG) and Zero-balance Notification services seamlessly. 

Single Graphical User Interface (GUI) feature to manage and deploy the entire Spark suite

API-driven architecture to cater to increased connectivity requirements

Interoperability with third-party systems

Optimum load balancing capability for uninterrupted services 

High scalability and containerized architecture solution

A future-proof platform using open standards to networks such as IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Deployment in Kubernetes for faster and more efficient Value-added Service (VAS) orchestration & automated deployments through the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline

A common licence solution dynamically applied to any multiple services 

Get an Efficient & Scalable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution with Spark IVR 

Spark IVR is an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system. Features include:

  • Session initiation protocol (SIP) server support 
  • Call transfer 
  • Early media support 
  • Media play & record silent detection on conferencing 
  • Port grouping whitelist / blacklist management 
  • Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) 
  • Access number management 

Experience a Comprehensive & Monetizable Ring-Back Tone (RBT) Solution with Spark RBT 

Spark enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to offer a fully-fledged RBT service to a broader market segment. RBTs are executed when a call is initiated with a service subscription, thereby expanding monetisation opportunities, and increasing customer adhesion. Features include:  

  • Admin and customer care GUI  
  • User website for RBT users  
  • Basic or standard and corporate RBT service subscription  
  • Tone subscription  
  • Access channels: Interactive Voice Response / Unstructured Supplementary Service Data & Short Message Service (IVR / USSD & SMS)  
  • Multiple charging schemes and subscription packages  
  • Content provider manager & moderator  
We’ve made unified media solutions even better

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SL 6a-01

Dive into a Complete & Contemporary Voice Platform for Voice Mail Service (VMS) with Spark VMS 

This Spark voice platform offers services such as VMS and Miss Call Alert (MCA), including the traditional capabilities of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service, such as recording audio messages, and the contemporary features, such as subscriptions through websites and email alerts. 

Enhanced Call Completion & User Convenience with Spark MCA

Spark’s Missed Call Alerts (MCA) is a call completion value-added service where the users are notified via an SMS about callers that have tried to reach them while they were away from the operator network. 

Ensure Call Continuity with Spark Service Continuity Suite (SCS)

Spark SCS consolidates key loan or credit services and ensures call continuity for CSPs with always-on subscriber services. Features include:  

  • Zero Balance: Notice to obtain a loan facility for a limited time due to low credit 
  • Missed Call Generator: Notify insufficient balance through a missed call to the call terminating party 
  • Call Collect: Subscribers can maintain a low balance while requesting a call from another subscriber free of charge 
We’ve made unified media solutions even better  

Find the product that is right for your business  

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