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Revolutionise Subscription Management by Unlocking Hassle-Free Automation & Customisation

Wavenet’s Subscription & Content Manager (SCM) solution provides a hassle-free environment to help you get the best out of your subscription and content services through service automation and excellent customisability.

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One Platform, Many Services  

Subscription & Content Manager specialises in service creation and delivery for subscription and content services and handles supporting functions resourcefully. The platform is designed based on a service-oriented architecture allowing greater flexibility, with comprehensive options to scale and optimise service exchange between Communication Service Providers (CSPs), content and service providers, and consumers.   

  • Seamless service experience for subscribers   
  • Content service providers become a part of the larger digital ecosystem 
  • Enhanced subscriber user experience through multiple service subscriptions 
  • Partner management becomes 10x efficient 
  • Reduced time-to-market with dynamic package creations, provisioning, and subscription logic  
  • Dockerised SCM modules are available for private, public, or on-premises deployments 
  • Now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace for self-deployment 

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Seamless service experiences for CSPs’ customers.

Content service providers become a part of the larger digital ecosystem.

Enhanced subscriber user experience through multiple service subscriptions.

Partner management becomes 10x efficient.

Reduced time-to-market with dynamic package creations, provisioning and subscription logic.

Dockerized SCM modules are available for private, public or on-premise deployments.

Partner Management Made Simple 

The SCM platform enables the onboarding of third parties as service partners or content partners, with the ability to manage role-based privileges and user authentication, to access and manage content and services handled by the SCM modules. 

Creation & Service Management Made Easy with the Product Catalog  

The Product Catalog allows users to create and manage services and includes capabilities such as the definition of the product, service lifecycle management, and associated price plans. 

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Derive Customised Outcomes with SCM Rule Engine 

The rule engine of SCM manages multiple permutations of different rules for the provisioning of services and management of subscriber privileges. For example, the subscription-based service allowances service address Use Cases such as usage-based discounts and anomaly detection. 

Experience Comprehensive End-to-end Subscription Management 

A comprehensive subscription manager allows Subscription Service Providers to manage end-to-end subscription processes with a wide range of related actions such as logic for subscription, subscriber charging, and consent & notification management. 

Safeguard Consumer Rights with a Consent Gateway

Subscribers will want to provide their explicit consent to the provisioning of services and pay for what is only agreed upon by them. Through this, SCM offers adequate protection from ambiguous service requests and safeguards the rights of subscribers.

Experience Seamless & Powerful Content Management 

The content manager supports multiple content formats such as images, text, audio, and video. In addition, it includes options for content upload, categorisation, moderation, pricing, content subscription settings, and relevant reports.

Handover Control to Subscribers with Do Not Disturb (DND)

Wavenet’s DND prevents abuse or misuse of services by third-party content providers or service providers by ensuring the subscribers have control over receiving promotional messages and activations.  

Process Mass Charging Requests with the Common Charging Gateway 

A unified charging gateway aggregates and processes charging requests from many service applications in the service ecosystem before billing by an Online Charging System or Convergent Billing System (OCS/CBS). 

Deep Dive with Centralised Reporting

Our centralised reporting and analytics module provides valuable insight through product transactional reporting, monitoring, and analytics.

Seamlessly Categorise Subscribers with List Management 

The List Management feature helps service providers blacklist, and whitelist subscribers as well as subscriber device models.

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