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Global Wavenet Offices

Latin America

+57 1 6231000

Monday–Friday 9am-6pm

Calle 100 # 8a - 37 Oficina 510, Torre A World Trade Center - Bogotá , Bogotá, 
Cundinamarca 110121, 


+618 9480 0422

Monday–Friday 9am-6pm

Level 3, 
1060 Hay Street,
West Perth WA 6005, 


Singapore(Head Office)

+65 6809 1117

Monday–Friday 9am-6pm

Global Wavenet Pte Ltd
1, Fusionopolis Place#03-20,
Galaxis (West Lobby)
Singapore 138522

Sri Lanka (Tech Hub)

Wavenet International Pvt. Ltd.

 +94 11-7816851

Monday–Friday 9am-6pm

Wavenet International Pvt. Ltd.
231 Galle Road,
Colombo 4,
Sri Lanka