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In recent years, the DevOps methodology has evolved into a mature and essential practice for businesses. It brings together developers and operations teams, aligning their efforts to deliver value to end-users. By promoting collaboration, visibility, and efficiency, DevOps shortens the software development life cycle and accelerates time to market for updates, all while ensuring high-quality releases. 

At Wavenet, we are proud to offer comprehensive DevOps stacks that cater to both the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) sides of the DevOps equation. Our Dev stack – Sayura, empowers developers with the tools and resources they need to streamline their workflows and create innovative software solutions. Meanwhile, our Ops stack – Ahasa, equips operations teams with the necessary tools and processes to effectively manage and optimise software deployments.


For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.


Making a developer’s life easy with a cloud-native application development platform

Building business resilience requires a modern approach to application development, and Sayura, our cloud-native application development platform, makes it easy for developers. Sayura empowers developers to efficiently create custom solutions for complex business needs, enabling seamless delivery through various channels to provide a smooth end-user experience. With reduced time-to-market, DevOps teams love Sayura for its ability to streamline the software development process and improve collaboration between developers and operations teams.

Sayura is the go-to platform for building composable applications that drive business success!


Step into the World of Effortless Container Deployment

Ahasa, the multicloud delivery platform, is revolutionising container deployment and management for DevOps engineers, eliminating the complexities of deploying containers across multiple cloud environments. DevOps teams can now experience the benefits of seamless container deployment with Ahasa, streamlining their workflows and accelerating their software development processes.

Experience the streamlined container deployment and management with Ahasa, the platform designed for DevOps teams!

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