Sayura - DevOps

Building Business Resilience through Composable Applications

Sayura enables developers to efficiently create custom solutions for complex business needs, seamlessly delivering these solutions through various channels for a smooth end-user experience, with reduced time-to-market. With reduced time-to-market, DevOps teams love Sayura for its ability to streamline the software development process and improve collaboration between developers and operations teams. 

Sayura makes a developer’s life easy with a cloud-native application development platform! 

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The Value of Sayura for DevOps Teams

Low-code / No-code Canvas
Cloud Native Platform
Saving Time & Effort with APIs
Simplified UX
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See for yourself how Sayura's cloud-native platform is the perfect solution for efficient API development!


For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.

Key Features of Sayura

Developers love Sayura because our solution provides a seamless Developer Experience and makes a developer’s life easy! In addition to its core feature of providing an intuitive platform for developers to solve business problems, Sayura also offers the following services: 

1. Create Killer Applications in a Snap with Sayura’s GUI Creation Studio 

Sayura lets users create powerful applications using a user-friendly low-code/no-code canvas. These applications can be managed in an easy-to-use workspace-based structure.             


2. Streamline Application Development with Pre-Onboarded Components 

Developers can upload common services for reuse, while administrators can onboard APIs, database connections, variables, scripts, and application templates to the platform. This centralised management interface saves time and helps users launch new applications quickly. 


3. Get Chatty with Customers using Digital Channel Integration 

Sayura allows chatbot integrations with channels such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook, allowing customers to engage with the organisation through their preferred digital channels. 


4. Think Outside the Box with Sayura’s Microservices 

Deploy your API endpoints as containerized microservices to your Git repository. This offers organisations the flexibility of running microservices without depending on the Sayura working environment. 

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