Ringback Tone

In today’s world of demand, Operators are trying their best to offer better services to subscribers to improve the profit margins. Having had over 10 years of experience in the telecom domain,We at Wavenet have come up with a solution after putting a lot of thought and hard-work in creating simple yet highly effective VAS solution for Operators to connect with subscribers: Introducing Wavenet Ring back Tone platform. Ring back tones have a high adoption rate in both, developing and developed countries and the worldwide market for Ring back Tones is around $4 billion.

Express through music

RBT is a fun and easy way to entertain your callers and lets users express their creative side through music.It allows users to share their favorite music ring-back tone with the people who call them. When a subscriber of RBT receives a call, the caller will hear a personalized ringback tone instead of the default ringing tone. Instead of the standard ring-back tones and announcements, a subscriber can set his/her personal tone choices that would be match his/her preferences.

More than just music

RBT was traditionally used as a means of self expression. However, the versatility of Wavenet RBT, allows it to be extended to the branding and advertising space. It can also be used for providing updates about a situation.

Operators can now derive greater value with RBT by expanding the offering to different user segments beyond a generic use case. As illustrated, Operators can extend the service to both personal and corporate customers. Further, Operators can assist a no frills experience for basic tone users and offer richer options for advanced users. This can be executed in partnership with content providers such as music labels and independent recording artists, to utilise RBT as a medium to showcase their creative output.

Operators can influence greater adoption of tones with Wavenet RBT, which facilitates active and increased usage of tones via promotions, default systems tones, grace periods, trial tones and tone previews. The possibilities of packaging tones in several permutations based on service access profiles, charging schemes such as prepaid and postpaid as well as multi-level content categorizations, allow Operators to introduce exciting RBT packages and promotions to market quicker than the competition.


Unbelievable Benefits

Increase loyalty and reduce churn with a personalized service.

Develop a new revenue source with a considerable return on investment.

Provides a unique channel for advertising as it reaches a highly attentive audience.

Status RBT adds more value to user’s lives when they are busy and unable to answer a call by setting a status indicating that he/she is busy and will be available after a certain specified time.

Perfect chance to express emotions using RBT service

Features Tells It All

Different ring back tones can be set to particular callers, groups and unspecified numbers, depending on date, weekday or time.

Lists of melodies can be updated dynamically from external files.

Recording personal phrases is available.

The Corporate RBT service is aimed at supporting corporate customers.

The service offers a low cost solution for operators and also targets the enterprise segment, a high-end market, providing operators with opportunities to drive revenues up.

Value additions of Wavenet Ringback Tone : What more can be done with RBT

Corporate Tones

A Corporate/enterprise can activate their company’s customized Ringback tone on the employee’s mobile numbers and communicate their new products as well as offers and news about the company to their valued customers.

Sponsored Tones

Advertisers pay for the content and RBT users may receive reward points or package subsidisation for using these tones.

Reverse RBT Tones

Allows users to listen to a selected tone whenever he or she dials out to any number. This feature can also be used for advertising where subscribed users willingly choose to hear certain brand advertisements as the ringing tone when they dial out.

An immersive user experience

Subscribers are familiar with managing RBT using legacy interaction channels such as IVR, which is cumbersome and limited. However, with the use of smartphones and data becoming more prevalent, richer and more user friendly interfaces such as Web and mobile app*, have been included in Wavenet RBT to provide an immersive user experience with greater functions.

Eye catching layouts and the generous space available in a visual interface such as web and mobile app, allow Operators to feature artists, attractive album art, song clips with previews and reviews. This can be used effectively by the Operator’s marketing teams to promote content to their users as trials or with certain promotional conditions.

Subscribe and manage RBT with RCS

Users can discover RBT packages, subscribe, assign tones to their contacts etc via RCS. Promotion tones can be played within the message and can be purchased via the action buttons.