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Step into the World of Effortless Container Deployment

DevOps teams can now experience the benefits of seamless container deployment with Ahasa, streamlining their workflows and accelerating their software development processes. Our solution delivers the automation, developers and operations want with the right level of standardisation, monitoring, control, and governance DevOps teams need. 

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The Value of Ahasa for DevOps Teams


Faster Deployment on Google Cloud


Faster Deployment on AWS


Great UX

Multicloud Deployment

Container Integration on Low-Code Canvas
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For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.


For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.

Ahasa Makes Life Easy for DevOps Teams

DevOps teams love Ahasa because our solution delivers the automation, developers and operations want with the right level of automation, standardisation, monitoring, control, and governance DevOps teams need. With Ahasa, these teams take advantage of the following services:  

1. Simple & Easy 

Enabling 10x faster deployment on AWS & 7x faster deployment on Google Cloud, creating one solution with multi-cloud deployment capabilities. Helm Charts can be used or created to onboard products & clusters can be created with available templates. Benefit from the widely available support to manage Kubernetes & distribution for easy deployment and operations. 


2. Effortlessly Integrate Containers through Low-code Canvas 

Enable design and integration of Kubernetes containers on a Solution Design Canvas – build and integrate complex solutions, with the ability to drag and drop applications to enable said integration. 


3. Multi-cloud Deployment like a Pro  

Deploy one solution on multiple public (GCP & AWS) & on-premises clouds (Rancher), in a single click. Manage all deployments in one window, while importing & managing clusters on existing infrastructure.    

 4. Add-on Catalogues 

Enable own or public product onboarding for catalogue users. Benefit from the support given to both private & public catalogues users.  


5. Monitoring Deployments & Operations Seamlessly 

Ahasa delivers a single integrated dashboard to visually see deployments and workloads across public & private clouds giving enterprise DevOps teams the optics and insights to manage their workloads across clouds. Ahasa also provides the required insights and reporting for cluster creation, management, and monitoring. Monitor all deployed clusters, all canvases created, and products onboarded from one dashboard. The Grafana dashboard simplifies all monitoring & operations through full visibility gained across all workloads. 

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Hear it from our Customers

Wavenet’s IVR+ capabilities, combined with the power and accuracy of Google AI for Natural Language Processing (NLP), delivered an innovative value-added service to one of Asia’s largest telecommunication group’s customers. The operator introduced a unified 888 shortcode to their customer, which enabled them to manage multiple IVR services. The solution reduced 20% of the inbound calls to the customer service center and reduced OPEX costs significantly.

Telco Operator in Mobile Telecommunications - Cambodia

Wavenet’s automation and digital transformation suite of solutions increased call center operational efficiencies to the second largest blue-chip mobile phone and network operator in Bolivia, Latin America, providing service over AMPS, TDMA and GSM, GPRS networks, both at 850 MHz for mobile telephony as well as WiMAX internet. The operator experienced up to 57% reduction in calls and gained maximum impact for its IVR services with Wavenet’s holistic solution and enabled quick Time-to-Market (TTM).

Communications Service Provider in Mobile Telecommunications – Bolivia, Latin America

Wavenet’s single service creation platform enabled IVR and USSD services to deliver multi-channel efficiencies for an international communications company operating across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, a pioneer in introducing leading-edge tech and telecommunication solutions to customers, delivering a broad range of content and services via its advanced data-centric mobile and fixed networks.

Media and Communications Service Provider in Mobile Telecommunications – Maldives

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Simplifying messaging with unified and scalable solutions for Communications Service Providers and Mobile Operators
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Revolutionising subscription management by unlocking hassle-free automation and customisation
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Empowering campaigns and achieving faster return on investment with a multichannel Campaign Manager
Making a developers’ life easy with a cloud-native application development platform