Global Wavenet Signs TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto

Global Wavenet announced today that the company has been approved as an official signatory of TM Forum’s Open API and ODA (Open Digital Architecture) Manifesto of the TM Forum.  Wavenet is committed to delivering solutions aligned to TM Forum’s Open API architecture and design principles which enables truly ‘plug and play’ technology capability for its CSP customers.   TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto initiative paves the way for the telco industry to fundamentally rethink how systems should be designed, built and […]

Join Wavenet at Digital Transformation World 2020

Wavenet will be participating at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series 2020 event to talk about a CSP’s data strategy. The largest online gathering of the world’s telco space will take place from 7th October to 12th November 2020. This year, the event is centered around 6 key themes with discussions around 5G, IOT, B2B2X […]

Building a Data Culture Inside a Telco Organisation – Part 2

Extracted from the Wavenet CEO interview on the topic, ‘Building a Data Strategy & Data Culture in Telecommunications’ – hosted by GSMA’s Thrive Digital Event   Global Wavenet’s CEO, Suren Pinto, was interviewed by GSMA on the topic of building a data strategy and a data culture inside a telco organization.  In Part 1 of this blog Suren talked about the importance of data – on becoming a data–driven […]