Global Wavenet Signs TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto

Global Wavenet announced today that the company has been approved as an official signatory of TM Forum’s Open API and ODA (Open Digital Architecture) Manifesto of the TM Forum. 

Wavenet is committed to delivering solutions aligned to TM Forum’s Open API architecture and design principles which enables truly ‘plug and play’ technology capability for its CSP customers.  

TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto initiative paves the way for the telco industry to fundamentally rethink how systems should be designed, built and operated to offer better integration capabilities across value chains, provide operational agility, hyper-connectivity, and a customer-centric approach to successfully monetizing 5G.  

Wavenet CEO, Suren Pinto commented: “Wavenet believes in open standards that simplify integration and drives faster time to market for services.  As a company, we fully embrace and implement TM Forum’s Open API’s in our solutions and believe in collaborative vendor partnerships, championing global industry models such as the Open Digital Architecture to assist CSPs and Operators to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.” 

See the list of companies (including Wavenet) that have been approved as a signatory for the ODA and Open API Manifesto on the TM Forum website page here.