Complete Kubernetes Value Added Service Integration

Effortless Deployment in Any Cloud Architecture

Wavenet’s cutting-edge Kubernetes value-added services (kVAS) stack delivers on the cloud promise, with full Kubernetes support for seamless deployment of carriergrade network elements in an allcloud architecture. From containerised messaging to voice and media delivery, Wavenet’s kVAS can be deployed in private, public or hybrid clouds. 


For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.


The Spark suite offers futuristic unified and consolidated messaging and media delivery capabilities trusted by global telco operators. Deployed in Kubernetes for faster and more efficient value-added services (VAS) orchestration and automated deployments through the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, Spark follows a containerised architecture and offers the optimum load-balancing capability for uninterrupted services and monetisation of services. The Spark suite, with its unified and consolidated messaging and media delivery capabilities, can be deployed and managed using Kubernetes orchestration for containerized applications and microservices.


An all-in-one centralised platform for telco messaging and media service needs with simplified integrations. Built using Erlang, Prime has the ability to handle parallel processing and fault tolerance which is essential in delivering 99.999% service uptime in high-stake services. Prime messaging server follows the globally defined standards of GSMA and 3GPP, which makes integration simpler to coexist in a complex multi-vendor operating ecosystem. Prime is designed to leverage Kubernetes orchestration for efficient management of containerized applications and microservices. By utilising Kubernetes, Prime ensures optimal resource utilisation, automated scaling, and fault tolerance for reliable and high-performance service delivery.

Subscription &
Content M​anager

Wavenet’s Subscription and Content Manager (SCM) enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to leverage traditional and new digital sources of revenue. It is a highly flexible platform enabling rapid service, pricing, charging and bundling capabilities that significantly reduce time to market and, importantly, time-to-revenue. A powerful Rule Engine ensures granular level control of subscription logic and packaging flexibility. Wavenet’s SCM is a highly modularised solution built on a pure microservice architecture enabling CSPs to deploy individual modules on-premises or on the cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) as SaaS or PaaS, and grow the stack as required. SCM leverages Kubernetes orchestration to seamlessly deploy and manage its modules that are available as containerized applications, ensuring reliable and scalable service delivery.


A multichannel platform that orchestrates communication with prospects and customers across multiple marketing channels for maximum impact. Compete strongly in the below-the-line (BTL) space and run highly targeted campaigns power-packed with comprehensive reporting tools to quantify campaign success. Campaign Manager is able to leverage Kubernetes orchestration to efficiently deploy and manage containerized microservices, enabling seamless multichannel communication with prospects and customers.
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For 20+ years, we have helped telco businesses evolve and grow globally.

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