Compose is now on Azure Marketplace

Wavenet is excited to announce that, our very own next-generation Composable application “Compose” is now listed on the Azure Marketplace as a SaaS product for the discovery of our clientele around the globe. When the world is looking for digital transformation, we made it simple. Compose allows you to build smarter, faster, and scalable APIs through its design studio, bringing automation, ease of […]

User Experience in online Business

With the emergence of the COVID pandemic, our lives have changed as we never thought before. Most of the people have  adapted to work from home and there are some travel restrictions implemented from time to time. Due to this reason, people are looking for a convenient solution for their shopping needs. As a result, […]

Why MMS Mobile Advertising Has an Edge Over OTT Adverts?

Mobile Advertising  The term mobile advertising refers to any form of advertising that appears on mobile devices. Companies can advertise on these devices through text ads via SMS or digital ads via MMS. In Recent days, Mobile operators are allowing the companies to do mobile advertising for their subscribers so that companies can promote products and […]

Product Release Updates for Voice Mail Services and Digital Health Services

Product          Digital Health System (DHS) Release Version       1.0.0 New Features and Functionalities Register patient Patient login Patient password policy Manage Patient profile Manage Other patient info  Manage Patient Health Patient logout  Release report link          Report Key Highlights   Register patient Patients can register to the DHS patient module and then he/she can access and manage the available features of the solution.  Patient Login  Deliver a secure and user-friendly patient module. Manage patient profile  It […]

Product Release Update: Campaign Manager 3.0.0

Product      Campaign Manager Release Version       3.0.0 New Features and Functionalities Dockerisation SupportWhitelistOperations DashboardCampaign End TimeRe-use CampaignsExclusion ListEmail NotificationReporting Key Highlights:   Re-use Campaigns Users will be enabled to reuse already executed/ completed campaigns and could be able to create new campaigns with similar configurations/parameters using the completed campaigns templates. Whitelist This whitelist […]

Product Release Update: Compose 2.5.0

Product      Compose Release Version       2.5.0 New Features and Functionalities Webchats as a channelProvides the ability to integrate with webchats that can be placed in a website of customer’s choosing. Website plug-in is included.Priority CollaborationNow you can find out which user is currently editing while you are inside a call flow. For […]

Meet us at MWC 2022 in Barcelona

Visit Wavenet Stand 5G11 – Hall 5 With just weeks away from the global mobile tech event of the year, we are making plans to meet with our clients and prospects at MWC Barcelona ’22 to showcase our state-of-the-art DevOps tools!  MWC22 is the place to be this year to experience the future of connectivity where many keynote […]

Is visual IVR a bad idea?

Is Visual IVR a bad idea? I have been craving for pizza all day long, so I finally decided to order some after work but for all my luck, the Pizza Hut hotline is busy and I have to keep on listening to this automated voice telling me to press all these keys …., well […]

Crack the Code & Win a Brand New iPhone 13

THE CHALLENGE Write a programme in your preferred programming language (C, C++, Java, Erlang, Elixir, PHP, Python) to implement the following logic: Bob and Alice are 2 friends living in 2 parallel worlds. They are playing a game called “send my time and sleep”.  As soon as the game starts, Bob sends his current time to Alice. Alice listens for incoming messages from […]

Wavenet’s Health Tech Platform Serving COVID19 Home-Based Care Patients, Reaches 100,000 Milestone

November 23rd, 2021 (Colombo, Sri Lanka) 1390 COVID–19 Integrated Home-based Care Solution Successfully Administers Care to Over 100,000 Patients 1390 COVID-19 Integrated Home-based Care Solution powered by Dialog Axiata PLC, Bank of Ceylon, and Wavenet International (Pvt) Ltd, and managed by the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) and the Ministry of Health (MOH), announced the successful administration […]