Is visual IVR a bad idea?

Is Visual IVR a bad idea?

I have been craving for pizza all day long, so I finally decided to order some after work but for all my luck, the Pizza Hut hotline is busy and I have to keep on listening to this automated voice telling me to press all these keys …., well this automated voice you hear before getting connected to a customer care agent is known and the interactive voice response.

Well, we have all gone through such an experience, and well this is the common IVR system that most of us access. when Interactive voice response was introduced in the 1960s it made a significant change in the telco industry and contributed to be one of the main revenue generators, but now with the incremental change in technology and significant change in lifestyle the good old IVR cannot cut it anymore, since most people find it frustrating to listen to an automated voice and is significantly time consuming. So, this brings us to the question ‘’what is the next best resolution “?