Wavenet Kicks Off Mentoring Program for University Students

With the intention of creating a tech-savvy next-generation in Wavenet’s tech-hub in Sri Lanka, the company commenced a mentoring program for a group of students from The University of Moratuwa, in Sri Lanka.  This is an annual program initiated by The University of Moratuwa, where Wavenet is invited to participate as a key corporate that will sponsor and mentor a selected number of high-performing students of the University.

Each year, Wavenet, through such mentoring programs, will expose students to the practicalities of the industry it operates in, especially in terms of crafting a career in telco software engineering and software development, while offering guidance and assistance on their academic work. The program runs for 10-15 weeks and will also focus on developing students’ personal growth in areas such as communication, leadership, teamwork and personal grooming.

The students of the program represented the Computer Science Engineering and the IT Faculties of the University.

Wavenet would like to wish all students the very best for the program.