consolidation and optimization

Telecom service providers face many challenges today, from erosion of margin of traditional services due to intense competition to total revenue erosion due to OTT alternatives. In addition, rapid organic growth in the past led to innovation and new services being deployed in a siloed, ad-hoc manner resulting in complex, legacy silos with widening cost/revenue curves.

Such silos also mean maintaining single purpose hardware and software, individual software licenses, complex meshed architectures and inefficient resource sharing and optimization.


Wavenet’s Prime Messaging Server

A leading converged messaging platform built on a private cloud architecture capable of handling multiple message types bringing together the behavioral patterns of popular messaging solutions in a single unified platform.
The platform supports the following behaviours and mobile messaging types:

  • SMSC
  • MMSC
  • First Delivery Attempt (FDA) Router
  • Short Message Point to Point (SMPP)Gateway
  • SMS Hub
  • SMS Firewall + VAS
  • USSD Gateway
  • RCS

The Prime Messaging Server supports a unified universal license model where the transactional licenses purchased can be used across the message types and behaviours. For example, if 1,000 TPS is purchased, then that 1,000 TPS can be shared between, SMS, MMS and USSD. What makes Prime standout is the dynamic nature in which this traffic can be distributed. Service providers have the ability to distribute purchased license capacity across the message types using simple slider bars available on the OAM interface.


Wavenet’s Spark IP Media Server

A full featured voice application platform which allows service providers to launch multiple voice centric services from self help automation, to outbound IVR and innovative services. Service Providers can use the Spark IPMS to consolidate their media resources in the network, migrating all their media hungry applications such as RBT, Collect call etc to the platform and manage their resources centrally as opposed to silos.

The Spark IPMS is built on open standards and supports VXML and CCXML out of the box. Coupled with the powerful Fusion studio, rich application flows can be developed and changed ensuring complete flexibility and evolution based on business realities delivering a high ROI.