Product Release Updates for Voice Mail Services and Digital Health Services






Product          Digital Health System (DHS)
Release Version       1.0.0
New Features and Functionalities
  • Register patient 

  • Patient login 

  • Patient password policy 

  • Manage Patient profile 

  • Manage Other patient info 

  • Manage Patient Health 

  • Patient logout 

Release report link          Report

Key Highlights  

Register patient
Patients can register to the DHS patient module and then he/she can access and manage the available features of the solution. 

Patient login 

Deliver a secure and user-friendly patient module.

Manage patient profile 

Covers the foundation features required for end users to access and manage his/her health profile.

Manage Patient Health 

Providing the tools required to manage their health profile information.

Manage Other patient info 

Allowing to manage the health of others. 

Product          Voice Mail Service (VMS)
Release Version       2.0.0
New Features and Functionalities
  • New VMS interface
  • Log Export
Release report link 
Key Highlights:  
​New VMS interface 
New VMS interface include 
  • Manage User
  • Manage User Packages
  • Manage Greetings
  • Promotional SMS
  • Blocked List
  • CDR Search
  • Blacklist

Log Export

Log Export includes CDR search and Activity Log

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