Monetizing Video: A 2019 Perspective for Telco Operators – PART 1

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If we talk about video streaming in particular, we initially saw WAP Portals, then came the legacy handsets, and then the trend in delivering mobile TV with attempts to deliver on the ideal TV experience to customers. 

A decade ago, the video world was very different for operators, with complexities that included poor user experience due to low bandwidths and complex technologies such as JAVA apps and browsers. But this was the first iteration of video streaming at the time. 

Today, there is a paradigm shift, which means media, streaming, and TV is now moving from legacy delivery channels such as TV, to the mobile channel space, and the mobile space alone comes with it huge potential. According to global IP traffic stats from CISCO, by 2022, PC traffic will account for only 19% of IP traffic in the world, 44% of IP traffic will be mobile, and 82% of all global IP traffic will be video.  The video opportunity is huge in the market, and it is only going to grow in future. 

What is driving this shift? 

What is really driving this shift is the OTT players in the market. They came into the market and created amazing user experiences for consumers, then leveraged the technology already available to them to start driving market demand for video. 

According to CISCO, video on demand of consumers will double by 2022. 70% of YouTube views are via mobile. If you look at the top five OTT players, companies such as Netflix and Oulu are the companies delivering slick video experiences to customers, so they are the ones who are really driving this shift in the market!  

For the telecoms industry, this means that there’s a great opportunity. Today, we already see successful collaborations between the OTTs and telco operators. There are about 130 operators offering video service solutions in some form of collaborative model that helps them to monetize revenue through video. Telco carriers need to understand how to monetize video, as it’s going to be one of the biggest revenue generation avenues in the next couple of years. You can see that the opportunity largely exists for them from the figures above. 

Determining Content Strategy for Rollout 

When carriers are rolling out a video service, it is important to understand a couple of things. For example, there are four possible quadrants that carriers can roll out a video service with content generation strategy with two areas related to business, and the other two related to technical services. Looking at the business drivers for consumer services, content has, and will continue to become king. Developing content therefore can come in the form of following four ways.