Wavenet Speaker Session at Code Beam 2019, San Fancisco

Global Wavenet has been recognized as an expert in software engineering especially for its work in Erlang which is a key BEAM Language, and was invited to speak at the Code Sync tech event in San Francisco. The event agenda will focus on everything to do with the BEAM languages, Erlang and Elixir and discuss how these languages will revolutionize trending areas such as IoT, Blockchain, Fintech, Security and Machine Learning.

Details of the event and Wavenet’s spearker sesion is listed below. You can also read the Wavenet official press release here.

The Event: Code Beam 2019 – San Francisco

Dates: 28 February  and  1 March  (Wavenet Speaker Session on 1 March 2019)

Event Location:


USA 94133

Event audience: Software developers, tech companies, Erlang and Elixir industry groups and communities

Wavenet Session Guest Speaker Session:

  • Date: 1 March 2019
  • Time: 10:30 AM – 11:20 AM   (Track: The Dream Beam)
  • Speaker: Nuwan Wijeratne – Senior Tech Lead at Wavenet – Read the Code Beam Speaker Profile
  • Topic: Building High-Performance Modularization Architecture in SMS

The session will cover how Erlang developers can add value through the implementation of best-practice Erlang code during the design development and deployment of software solutions and infrastructure systems, and especially in Future Network environments such as NFV inside telco organisations. Wavenet will speak on how powerful Erlang concepts can be used to develop scalable messaging platforms that’s evolved from legacy SMS to next-generation messaging in all IP architecture, supporting guarantees of 5-9s availability in current and future networks with a cloud-native, extensible architecture supporting advanced deployment methodologies such as NFV and IPSM.