FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, [27th February 2019, Barcelona]

Global Wavenet today announced the release of its new software tool ’Compose’ at the Mobile World Congress 2019 event in Barcelona. Compose is an omnichannel orchestrator that enables the creation of intelligent cross-channel bots and self-care solutions, and is the company’s latest addition to its award-winning state-of-the-art software solutions portfolio deployed in over four continents over the last 16+ years.

Compose forms a part of Wavenet’s core offering in its Digital Transformation product suite and assists telecommunication operators to seamlessly connect their digital service with customers in a dynamically changing technology environment which is experiencing explosive growth. The mobile industry is continuing to see increased adoption of multiple communication channel usage by mobile subscribers, and the challenge for operators is to deliver on real-time solutions with efficiency and speed; ensuring highest customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Compose assists operators in the effort to efficiently deploy an operator’s digital service initiative at a platform level, and quickly execute its self-care services at the front-end.

Wavenet’s existing telco system solutions such as the innovative ‘Fusion’ service creator and the ‘Spark’ IVR platform have already transformed the traditional telco VAS space by extending mature product lifecycles, leveraging legacy operator solutions to optimise on CAPEX, generate revenue and reduce OPEX.

The Compose orchestration solution offers core telco operational efficiencies such as the ability to create virtual agents across both legacy and digital channels and networks (i.e. facebook and viber), contains centralized content management, a common API integration management console and advanced analytics for holistic views and better decision making.

Suren Pinto, the founder and CEO of Global Wavenet who spearheads innovation in the company commented on this milestone stating that “Compose is an ideal example of our approach taken towards delivering on product innovation which entails combining both the futuristic needs of our telco customers to build stronger subscriber experiences, along with the need for delivering state-of-the-art software solutions that allows our customers to adapt quickly to changes in the global marketplace and latest technology advances to stay competitive and profitable in the long-term. The technical precision we build into our products, including Compose, reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional product experiences with highest quality standards, and investments that drives higher ROI for our customers”.

Wavenet’s Vice President of Sales, Ranjeev Jayesingha who drives the digital transformation initiative in the company across Latin America, Africa and APAC commented,  “As a global systems and software technology enabler in the ICT sector working with international telecommunications organisations in over 20+ countries,  Wavenet sees a gap in the industry and the need to impact operators with advanced technology that simplifies an operator’s operational model, drive subscriber engagement, and provide advanced data analytics for intelligent decision making. Wavenet’s Compose solution sits perfectly in line with assisting our customers to deliver on these objectives in the digital space and across multiple channels. This adds value to our mobile and telco customer businesses and assists them to compete better inside the multifaceted digital telco ecosystem”.


For media queries, contact: Dulmi Gunatilake, Head of Group Corporate Communications, Global Wavenet | Tel: +94 11 752 6000

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