ahasa® is a Cloud-based platform that enables you to integrate and operate

containerized applications using Kubernetes

Using the ahasa® platform, enterprises can design, integrate and deploy containerized applications, in their choice of either a Public Cloud such AWS, or a Private Cloud such as VMware. The platform will change the way mobile Operators, communication service providers and enterprises will consume software applications online.

Users of ahasa are able to visually design, integrate, deploy and manage end-to-end solutions based on business requirements. The platform assists in orchestrating infrastructure (widely known as CI/CD and commonly associated with launching software applications) quickly and easily into the market. The kubernetes-based platform streamlines enterprise Cloud applications (apps) on a serverless Cloud environment and is aimed predominantly at assisting CSPs with multiple complex app connectivity needs.

ahasa user accounts are free to sign up, and once logged in, users can discover and select from a range of Wavenet apps. Users can create full technology solution architectures on a digital Canvas using its advanced design studio tools with simple drag and drop functions that follow the low-code no-code concept before interconnecting these seamlessly to quickly deploy solutions. The new platform further brings in efficiencies by assisting CSPs in the test and deployment of services easily, and without having to build new applications or use complex code. It also supports standard production deployment patterns such as Blue-Green, rolling updates, and Canary releases, amongst others. CSPs are able to easily scale, enhance, launch services and become nimble in deploying digital solutions into the market to gain a competitive edge. The platform also resolves complexities and lengthy, time consumption associated with RFI/RFP cycles, and the tool’s intuitive GUI allows the matching of business needs with multi-vendor multi-product solutions.

With ahasa, customers are able to:

  • > Reduce TTM (time to market) and quickly launch new features and functionality to customers
  • > Significantly reduce their IT procurement cost with the use of an easy-to-use Canvas allowing the user to design and orchestrate solutions by dragging and dropping products.
  • > Provide the capability of deploying on multi-cloud environments along with a powerful CI/CD pipeline allowing to keep products up-to-date with the latest version available
  • > The ‘try before you buy’ option makes the solution very attractive to Operators and enterprises.

The advanced technology features of the platform revolutionize the way applications are discovered, integrated, deployed, and managed to deliver a competitive advantage for telco organizations and enterprises.

The main features of the tool include the following:

 ahasa by wavenet


Who is it for?

Ahasa is for enterprises and telecommunication and mobile operator companies modernizing IT and core network stacks and enterprises looking to deploy integrated solutions for customer management

The tool is ideal for organizations looking to lower Capex and Opex expenditure while delivering high flexibilities and responding quickly to market demands. This is enabled through faster solution orchestration and integration.

Why Wavenet?

  • Advanced Software Architecture Design Canvas – Ahasa is not simply a marketplace to discover products and solutions, it is a design studio that enables customers to design and visualize the entire landscape.
  • Automated API Discovery and Seamless Integrations – Ahasa allows customers to pre-integrate products and solutions on the design canvas itself prior to deployment.
  • Proven Global Experience – Wavenet as a company has been developing and integrating telecom solutions for 20 years, and has a strong clientele and track record in innovating solutions to reduce cost


Visit the ahasa website to request more information or to signup for a trial.