Wavenet Campaign Manager 

Omnichannel Campaign Management Software Tool for Telco Operators 

Wavenet Compose Virtual Agent BoWavenet Campaign Manager is a campaign management tool designed for telecommunications companies to execute highly targeted customer campaigns, measure campaign engagement by eliciting customer responses, and reporting insights. Wavenet's Campaign Manager empowers Operators to compete strongly in the BTL (below the line) advertising space by leveraging existing customer campaign data for effective segmentation, targeting, and execution of highly customized campaigns.

Campaign Management Benefits to Telco Operators

Operators are faced with difficulties in competing in the digital marketing space when using legacy channel-based promotions. Poorly leveraged data presents missed opportunities in activating dormant customers, maximizing customer interaction, and the inability to segment customers for effective promotions.

Important customer data analytics gathered from campaigns can further maintain and enhance campaign efficiencies in terms of campaign relevance and promotional impact along with the delivery of critical customer insights for strategic decision making.

With the Wavenet Campaign Management tool, the Operator has a holistic view of campaigns and the ability to enable omnichannel advertising campaigns. The platform leverages available data and other rich data inside an organization for hyper-targeting customers, and launches meaningful promotions aligned with the company’s promotional objectives.

The end-to-end campaign management feature allows for quick campaign execution and in-depth analysis of campaign journeys for improving the 360 customer view​. Operators also have the opportunity to extend omnichannel campaign management capabilities to its Enterprise customers for additional revenue generation.


Having a powerful tool for campaign design, management and execution brings about multiple benefits to our telco customers including the following:



Higher customer engagement brought about through the ability to personalize service offerings based on customer needs.

Leveraging the Operator's rich pool of information, contextual campaigns can be executed to ensure the right promotion meets the right customer at the right time for the right (required) purpose.


Allows customer profiling of telco customers, enabling the Operator to deliver focused contextual offers, which resulting in higher conversion rates and opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell products and services.

Offers discovery of potential reactivations, activations, engagement opportunities, to drive increased sales.


Campaign tracking and reporting allows for better visibility into campaign performance such as the number of people who responded to the campaign and statistics on promotion take-up success on subscriptions.

Assist in the refining of Operator’s campaigns for the future with smart iterations to increase profitability from campaign executions.

Platform Features

campaign Management in telecommunicationsThe Wavenet Campaign Manager platform is designed to maximize efficiencies for companies in the mobile and telecommunications industry and includes the following features:

  • Broadcast campaigns
  • Campaign schedule
  • Individualized campaigns
  • Integrations to third-party applications
  • Centralized campaign management and monitoring
  • User management
  • Blacklist/Whitelist management
  • Retry attempts and intervals
  • Daily message limits
  • Global blackouts
  • TPS management
  • Number list management
  • CLI management
  • Reporting

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