Tools That DevOps Love

Over the last few years, DevOps methodology has grown into a mature, business-critical practice in terms of unifying both developers and operations towards a common purpose and aligning that purpose with driving value to end-users. Thus, this collaborative approach streamlines the processes by shortening the software development life cycle, enhancing collaboration and visibility, and accelerating time to market for new updates while ensuring high-quality releases.

Ticking off all these aspects, Wavenet welcomes you to enjoy looking through our key DevOps stacks; compose which addresses the Dev side of DevOps and ahasa which addresses the Ops side of DevOps.

Wavenet ‘compose’ makes APIs smarter, faster and scalable with a low code/no-code capability and individually scalable containerised microservices using advanced business logic and intelligent AI-driven Omnichannel service flows. Wavenet ahasa® is K8 IDE in the Cloud that allows DevOps teams to aggregate helm repositories and containerised apps, combines multiple apps to power deployable full solutions through Kubernetes environments on private or public Clouds.

Making Software Development Seamless

If your organization still relies on working with multiple traditional third-party applications for client projects or are in need to adapt towards a more efficient DevOps culture that makes the entire software development process seamless and efficient inside your organisation, it may perhaps be a good time to pivot your application development, implementation and maintenance towards an ‘all in one’ solution. With Wavenet’s DevOps tools, we are committed to fulfilling customer requirements ensuring that they are customised to your organisation’s needs and are competitive in the market!

Simplifying Complexities in DevOps

Code complexities result in DevOps processes delays. Through DevOps plugins, Wavenet simplifies the coding complexities into simpler terms with a low-code/no-code environment which is built on top of a canvas-based GUI module. This supports protocol-level and API-level integrations as well. A user can support their innovative ideas for new services or applications by utilizing the drag and drop components into the canvas as their preference. When building APIs, you do not have to worry about back-end coding, coding language and legacy infrastructure dependencies as these tools allow you to match logic at the GUI level with a rich library of pre-onboarded APIs.

A Rich Library of Pre-onboarded Apps and APIs

The public catalogue and private catalogue features that are available within our ahasa tool will facilitate you with a number of artefacts from multi-vendors to create your own solution on the digital canvas, test and deploy them easily without having to build new applications or use complex code. In an instance where you need to integrate any other third-party application, our ahasa tool facilitates such integrations to drive even greater value by combining the capabilities of both in-house and third-party applications.

Ensure Faster Deployment with Less Effort

Wavenet DevOps tools are very easy to deploy, requiring minimal human intervention to get the latest features and fixes up and running. They benefit greatly as effortless solution deployments that can be done in a couple of mouse clicks while providing control and flexibility in an easy way.

Greater Automation with CI/CD

Over time, our software lifecycle management journey has grown into a collaboration with our customers. Since it has expanded into our customer project deliveries, including continuous automated validation and deployment of updates and configuration changes, we can assist our customers in the boundary of our DevOps operations to validate and deploy new or updated software through CI/CD methodologies with increased efficiency, reduced risks and service agility.

Support Multi-Cloud Deployments

You can deploy your own solution created on our canvas in multiple cloud environments (Private and Public) or on-premises based on your requirement with a single click. If you want to deploy your solution architecture on multiple cloud platforms, simply upload configuration files and integrate the solution.

Make the Most of Latest and Greatest Technologies

We highly admire the standards such as providing new solutions for work models and focusing on technology as a force for good. Prioritizing our customers' wellbeing, delivering growth, digitalization and efficiency, we have seamlessly integrated our DevOps solutions with top trending and proven technologies. Hence, you can sense the simplicity underlying the microservices deployment processes while working with Kubernetes which supports managing containerized workloads and services.

Minimal Cost, Big Wins

Wavenet's solid DevOps stacks are capable of maximizing your profit by reducing the cost with fewer bugs to fix, shorter cycle times, increased security and a fully automated release pipeline as both maintenance and new updates are carried under the shades of a broader single umbrella.

Try Before Buy

We offer you a valuable opportunity to sign up with our innovative containerized application orchestration platform freely and have prior experience to decide whether it matches your requirement.

Your Success Is Our Goal!

As we believe, a solid DevOps strategy and successful implementation can entirely streamline your end-to-end delivery pipeline. If you do not have DevOps tools in your organization yet, you must seriously consider adopting its practices. The benefits that you can have from Wavenet DevOps tools are just too big to ignore. Our service offerings can kick-start your DevOps journey and help you to stay victorious in achieving DevOps maturity.